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BespokeHair & Makeup Artist  

1-2-1 Makeup lesson £60

1-2-1 Makeup Lesson can be tailored to what you would like to learn, it may be that it's for an occasion like getting married abroad or you'd like to learn how to achieve a certain look or it maybe that you want more confidence in applying your makeup and ideas of products and colours that may be suitable to you. Also sometimes we lose our way with makeup and as we get older we're not sure how we should be wearing our makeup. There are no wrong or right ways with makeup, there are different ways and you have to find the right way for you, that's what I can help you with. It may be that your young and still trying to find your way, I can help.


We would start with an anitial consultation, have a chat and then have a look in your makeup bag, just to see what you would usually use and how we could utilise this but also to give me an idea of how much makeup you like to use and colours you usually stick to. We would then take things step by step and do the half face technique, this means I would apply makeup to one side of your face and you would copy on the other side of your face. The main reason for doing this is so you learn how to use the techniques I'm teaching you. You'll get to use products from my kit and try out different products from different brands. The Lesson will usually last 2 hours and will be very informative and give you lots of knowledge and confidence. I will write up the lesson for you and send it to you afterwards with product recommendations, luxury and drugstore brand alternatives. 

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